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10 Best Calibration Services in Jaipur Revealed NOW

Who are Top Instrument Calibration Companies in Jaipur?

Best calibration services in Jaipur are mentioned here with their required details such as name, address, contact details, and services. 


1. Ridhi Calibration & Testing Services

Contact Details

Atul Mehran Reviewed: I love the services of Ridhi Calibration & Testing Services. They provide best rate and services. Their engineers were also professional.

Plot No. 9, Jyoti Nagar Vaid Ji Ka Chouraha
Niwaru Rd
Jaipur, RaJasthan 302012



Ridhi Calibration and Testing Services was established in the year 2005, and has since been at the forefront of providing the best in and other allied services by employing some of the best workforce available in the country. 

It has also been recognized as one of the most trusted material testing laboratories for mechanical, chemical testing, and also for its calibration services. The most basic reason for its huge success and popularity is that it has budget rate. Ridhi also has three values Consistency, Competency and Customer Relationship. Another major factor for their success is that that they are completely compliant with the international standards and parameters set by ISO.  

Ridhi Calibration and Testing Services is specialize in providing other kinds of calibration services like Mechanical Calibration, Thermal Calibration, Fluid-Flow Calibration and Electro-Technical Calibration. Not only this but also, they specialize in providing other testing capabilities like Civil Building Material Mechanical Testing and Chemical Testing.


  1. NABL Electro Technical
  2. NABL Mechanical Calibration
  3. NABL Thermal Calibration
  4. Services Weight Registration
  5. Training Programme Quality Policy
  6. Dead weight calibrator
  7. Portable calibrator
  8. Gas flow meter calibration
  9. Vacuum gauge calibration
  10. Dead weight tester calibration
  11. Differential pressure transmitter calibration
  12. Meter calibration
  13. Moisture meter calibration
  14. Torque tester calibration

Uncostly Calibration service in Jaipur

Contact Details


Tel: 09799724947

Tejpal Owas Reviewed: FinalPricing.com gave me best rate. One calibration company in jaipur gave me quote for 3,40,000 but after that I contacted finalpricing they gave me same services in 2,60,000. Thanks for saving.

Villa J-49, First Floor, 1st
Kalwar Rd
Royal City, Manchwa
Jaipur, Rajasthan 302012



Uncostly Calibration Services in Jaipur are much in demand for catering to the requirements of industries like construction, engineering, railways, oil refineries, airports etc.  The dedication and focus of its engineers and technicians have been winning hearts and customers all across the country.



  1. flow meter calibration services in Pune
  2. maintenance and calibration of laboratory equipment
  3. multimeter calibrator
  4. magnehelic gauge calibration
  5. water meter calibration services near me
  6. test meter calibration
  7. dp level transmitter calibration
  8. calibration hand pump
  9. micrometer calibration standard
  10. turbidity meter calibration
  11. fluke dry block calibrator
  12. infrared thermometer calibration service
  13. sika temperature calibrator
  14. dpi 610 pressure calibrator
  15. fluke rtd calibrator
  16. Uncostly also offer calibration services in Ahmedabad


C and I Calibrations Pvt. Ltd.

Contact Details


Tel: 09024058770

Nehra Swami Reviewed: C & I gave me best calibration services for my instruments in Jaipur. I really like their rate also. They are giving all kind of calibration services for the instruments. Thanks.

Sitapura Industrial Area
Jaipur, Rajasthan


is one of the best calibration service provider in Rajasthan. They are very efficient and professional in their field. They offer transparent rates and service. Hire C and I Calibrations Pvt. Ltd. for your testing and calibration need of every type. This is one of the premier machinery and equipment testing laboratories that are   NABL calibration accredited since its inception 25 years ago. C & I also offer instrument calibration services in Kolkata.



NABL accredited laboratories at Kota and Jaipur in Rajasthan. The main services provided by C and I are in the fields of power, energy and pressure calibration, on-site calibration for medical and hospital equipment, research and development etc.  The major factor for its success that it has been providing major solutions to calibration related issues across a wide range of industries since its inception.


C and I Calibrations Pvt. Ltd. is an NABL, ISO, IEC 17025 certified company for Mechanical, Electro-technical and Thermal Calibration.


  • NABL Accreditation for Mechanical, Electro-technical and Thermal Calibration


  1. Calibration Services for Medical Laboratories and Hospitals
  2. Testing of Transformers, Energy meters, CT / PT as per National & International standards.
  3. NABL accreditation as per ISO/IEC 17025
  4. Testing and Calibration laboratories and as per ISO 15189
  5. Calibrated pressure gauge
  6. Gas meter calibration
  7. Fluke meer calibration near me
  8. Digital pressure calibrator
  9. Power meter calibration
  10. Particle counter calibration
  11. Dumpy level calibration near me
  12. Nagman calibration services llp
  13. Calibrate tds meter

M E Testing Lab METL

Contact Details


Tel: 08058781361

Rudra Ahuja Reviewed: Thanks for the excellent services. I will again come to you for Instrument calibration. Thanks

Gandhi Path W, Arpit Nagar, Gom Defence Colony
Vaishali Nagar
Jaipur, Rajasthan 302021


M E Testing Lab is a well-known name in the field of calibration and testing products both. This company progressed by leaps and bounds through its consistency in delivering the best services as atop supplier of high- quality calibration services.




  1. dry well temperature calibrator
  2. pressure gauge calibration
  3. low pressure calibrator
  4. fluke 754 documenting process calibrator
  5. feeler gauge calibration
  6. calibration of wattmeter
  7. network analyzer calibration
  8. nagman pressure calibrator
  9. calibration of conductometer
  10. altimeter calibration
  11. additel pressure calibrator
  12. dead weight pressure gauge tester
  13. druck instruments
  14. temperature gauge calibration
  15. ph tester calibration
  16. ME Testing also offer calibration services in Bangalore.

Other Recommended

Excellent Services Jaipur

Contact Details


Tel: 09314501796

Krishna Sharma Reviewed: I love the services from Excellent Services. They are professional and polite. Their rates are also affordable.

B-34,35 Ganpati Paradise
Central Spine, Vidhyadhar Nagar
Jaipur, Rajasthan 302023

This organisation was founded with a vision of providing high quality and extremely cost-effective analytical services to industries, research institutes etc.  They take pride in providing high -quality calibration services.




  1. tachometer calibrator
  2. calibrated digital pressure gauge
  3. calibration of temperature measuring devices
  4. hydraulic deadweight tester
  5. atc ph meter calibration
  6. weighing scale calibration services
  7. process of calibration
  8. ametek temperature calibrator
  9. calibration of voltmeter using potentiometer experiment viva
  10. densitometer calibration
  11. thermometer calibration services
  12. ir calibrator
  13. ge druck pressure calibrator
  14. analyser calibration
  15. Excellent Services also offer instrument calibration services in Chennai.

E.T.T.L. Instrument Calibration Services in Jaipur

Contact Details


Tel: 07737832647

Nilesh Mahajan Reviewed: I get the best rate from ETTl Laboratory. Thanks for your services. I will again do with you.

78, 79 Indraprastha Colony
Vaishali Nagar
Jaipur, Rajasthan 302021



The most distinguishing aspect of this organisation is that it ensures that it meets all the Quality and Compliance parameters in providing solutions to its customers. Due to its maintenance, it has been successfully recognized as one of the major service providers for calibration services. ETTL also offer Instrument calibration services in Hyderabad.



This includes testing of air, soil, water, waste-water, drinking water, food testing etc. It also specialises in Herbal Testing and has a state of the art chemical and micro-biological laboratory in Jaipur. It also employs some of the experienced professionals in the field of environmental testing methods who conduct high- quality testing to derive fine results.


  1. apera ph meter calibration
  2. dial indicator calibration
  3. level troll calibration
  4. fluke 714 thermocouple calibrator
  5. differential pressure calibrator
  6. dew point meter calibration
  7. ma calibrator
  8. calibration of electronic balance
  9. dead weight pressure tester
  10. eutech ph meter calibration
  11. pressure transducer calibration equipment
  12. rosemount capillary level transmitter calibration
  13. yokogawa calibrator
  14. multi function calibrator

Testncal Laboratory Jaipur

Contact Details


Tel: 08882056269

Jyesh Mehra Reviewed: You are the best company in Jaipur who are offering calibration services. Charges are also affordable and their services are quite good.


This organisation is one of the leading calibration laboratory and testing in India. It specialists in providing laboratory services in diverse fields such as building materials testing, food product testing, agricultural products testing, and environmental testing. It takes pride in being the first major private organisation to provide testing capabilities to a diverse range of industries. They have a highly efficient and capable group of scientists, chemists, engineers, technicians and other experts. TestnCal also offers instrument calibration services in Delhi.




  1. force gauge calibration
  2. digital ph meter calibration
  3. digital multimeter calibration
  4. calibration of bourdon tube pressure gauge
  5. coriolis meter calibration
  6. lab equipment calibration services
  7. nagman calibration
  8. calibration of voltmeter using potentiometer
  9. orp meter calibration
  10. air meter calibration
  11. calibration of ir spectrophotometer slideshare
  12. fluke pressure meter
  13. tk3 vibration calibrator
  14. dissolved oxygen meter calibration
  15. calibrate ir thermometer
  16. pneumatic calibrator

Other Best Instrument Calibration Service Providers in Jaipur

Authentic Instruments

Website: http://www.authenticjaipur.com/contact.html

Number: 09352454200

Address: 31,Opp. Krishna Rolling Mill, Jhotwara Industrial Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302012

Authentic instrument also offer instrument calibration services in Mumbai.

Quality Testing Services & Calibrations

Number: 08094177101

Address: Balaji Tower-VI, 613, 6th Floor Airport Plaza Near Radisson Blu, Tonk Rd, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302018

Shree Radhey Technology

Website: http://www.shreeradheytechnology.com/

Number: 09414195878

Address: S-19,20, RIICO Industrial Area, Bindayaka, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302012

A to Z Guide about Calibration Services and Best Companies


Video Source: By Prof.Karan Ajay Gupta

In this rapidly changing world of advanced technological and mechanical revolution, we as human have become more dependent on machines for various kinds of purposes. Now those purposes can be medical, technical, industrial. So to cater the increasing demand of people, machines and equipment have to be in perfect working condition. The most important question here then is how do we do this? The answer to this important question is that, we calibrate our machinery and equipment according to the latest industry standards and parameters.

What is Calibration and why it is important?

Calibration is defined as a process in which an instrument or equipment’s efficiency and accuracy are compared with another instrument or equipment. It is important to note here that, the equipment or instrument you are comparing your instrument or equipment has already met the industry standards.

In more simple terms, calibration can be defined as adjusting the performance of an instrument or equipment according to an already calibrated instrument or equipment. For instance, take the case of a thermometer. To test the accuracy and efficiency of a thermometer, a method is used which measures both the temperature and the performance of thermometer using a real heat source.

Calibration can be used in a variety of industries like the food industry, the manufacturing industry, the heavy machinery industry, medical laboratories etc. Calibration can also be of different types and requirement of different industries. For example, instance, electrical calibration services, which measure the voltage and flow of current in various electrical instruments and machinery, or gas detector calibration services which form an essential part for plants and also for the people working in those plants. Here you can also read for instrument calibration services in Ahmedabad.

What is the purpose of Calibration?

The most important fact in today’s technological age is that many instruments and equipment are today being used without its efficacy and accuracy being checked and measured. This results in a lot of inaccurate and inappropriate result being produced. These further results in misinformation being relayed and again going through the whole process of getting your equipment rechecked and measured. Here look for instrument calibration services in Pune.

Therefore, to avoid such kind of repetitive and time- consuming procedure, many new calibration agencies have established their businesses that provide some very good quality calibration services in and around Jaipur.