Who are Top Calibration Companies in Mumbai of 2023?

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NABL Approved Calibration Companies in Mumbai of 2023

Are you looking for the best instrument calibration services in Mumbai? Then you have come to the right place. However, with many such companies, you tend to get confused when making a decision. 

So here is a list of the top 5 instrument calibration companies in this city of Mumbai that would help you to make the right choice:

1. Ridhi Calibration & Testing Services

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2. Budget Calibration Services
In Mumbai, I found many calibration companies but I like the rate of Budget. The services from Budget was ultimate.
Sneha Mittal
3. Uncostly Calibration Service
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List of Top Calibration Companies in Mumbai

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Young Engg. & Calibration Services Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai


Location: Thane, Mumbai

Young Engg. & Calibration Services Pvt. Ltd is well known for Calibration Of Testing Laboratory Instruments, Nabl Laboratories, Calibration Services For Pressure Instrument, Calibration Services For Electro-Technical Instrument, Nabl Consultants, Calibration Services For Ammeter, Calibration Of Process Instruments and more. 

Young Engg. & Calibration Services is at Kasarvadavali, Thane, and Mumbai. Their contact number is +91 7947179169. This is one of the leading service providers under this category. They have a long clientele and numerous happy clients.


Young Engg. & Calibration Services Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide variety of products/services to cater to diverse customer needs. Their staff are courteous and always available to provide any assistance. They answer questions immediately. Contact them during their active hours – between 10 am and 10 pm.

  • Hospital equipment calibration
  • Ammeter calibration
  • Tank calibration
  • Electronic instruments calibration
  • Laboratory testing instruments calibration
  • Compression testing machine
  • Electro-Technical instruments calibration

Avi Scientific (India) Instrument Calibration Services in Mumbai


AVI Scientific (India) is a premium exporter of Lab Instruments. Their sister concern, AVI Scientific Calibration & Services, is NABL accredited. With a fully dedicated team of business experts and a house of facilities, they prioritize customer satisfaction via high-quality service at a reasonable price. 

 This company is in service since 1990. Avi Scientific India is a leading company in its domain. It is a one-stop destination for serving customers with all kinds of calibration services. It has calibration services for all sorts of machinery, especially pressure instruments. Their services are approved by Government. 

The employee of this company and their services are highly commendable. Moreover, their location is very easy to commute to. Therefore, they get very high footfall every day. Being at LBS marg just opposite ST Stand is very convenient. Apart from calibration service, they provide a lot of other services as well. 


AVI Scientific (India) supplies and exports lab instruments, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceutical, quality control, R&D to Asian, African, and Gulf countries. This company manufactures steam sterilizers to kill microorganisms via the saturated steam application under pressure to suit different IS standards in medicine, Research labs, biochemical industry, agriculture, and other industries. 


Bharti Scientific Instruments Calibration Services in Mumbai


Bharti Scientific Instruments is a sole proprietorship firm involved in the manufacturing and trading of brass sieves, air ovens, pan mixers, and others at an affordable price. They come with highly qualified and trained professionals with in-depth industry knowledge in transparent dealings at market-leading prices. 

This company is based in Kalyan West, Mumbai. You may contact them at +91 7947186485. Their calibration services include pressure gauge calibration, weighing machine calibration, and a lot more. They provide prompt services and got five stars by clients. They have a very good after-sales service. Payment is accepted in all modes like cash, cheque, RTGs, and NEFT.


Bharti Scientific Instruments offer a wide variety of products/services, including  Cube Testing Machine Calibration Services, Universal Testing Machine Calibration Services, Bitumen Testing Machine Calibration, and Pendulum Impact Testing Machine Calibration Services.

You can also check out instrument calibration services in Hyderabadinstrument calibration services in Pune and instrument calibration services in Jaipur.


New Global Tech Trading Pvt. Ltd Calibration in Mumbai


New Global Tech Trading Pvt. Ltd in Mumbai is famous for Building Material Dealers, Laboratory Testing Services For Water, Laboratory Testing Services, Structural Auditing, Sand Dealing, Ready Mix Concrete Dealers, River Sand Dealing, and Non-Destructive Testing Services.


New Global Tech Trading Pvt. Ltd in Kurla West offers various products/services to cater to diverse customer needs. They aim to expand their line of products in the future and cater to a broader client base. 


Total Calibration Services in Mumbai


Total Calibration Services is one of the best companies in the Calibration Services for Pressure Instrument. They are also known for calibration services, instrument calibration services, weighing machine calibration services, plunger calibration services, calibration services for the ammeter, welding machine calibration services, and more. This company is the one-stop destination to serve both local and other parts of Mumbai. 

Adhering to the literal meaning of the name this company provides an end-to-end calibration service. They have garnered a vast clientele throughout Mumbai. The location is also easily commutable by people throughout Mumbai. Tambe Nagar-Mulund west is the place of its establishment. 

It provides all ranges of calibration services and accepts all modes of payment. Its service, quality, and products are very good. It has got 4.5 stars as a mark of satisfaction from customers. 

Contact Details:

Tejendra Complex, A1.2nd Floor
AhmedabadGujarat 382415


Total Calibration Services offer a wide variety of products suited to different needs of customers. They are known for high-quality calibration testing and laboratory testing services for food items and water.

So these are the top 5 instrument calibration companies in Mumbai. You can also find other companies in this city to offer you the best services at the best price. 

To maintain the accuracy of your machinery reach out to the top 5 instrument calibration companies in Mumbai. Calibration controls and quantifies errors in the performance of any machine. In this blog, we will help you with the available services and best features of each company. This will let you get access to the best service.  


Mechanical Instrument Calibration Centre


This service company is based in Vidyavihar, Mumbai, and provides all sorts of calibration services. It is known for its very good service and client satisfaction testimony. Their location, service quality, interaction, and overall performance are satisfactory. With years of experience and efficient staff, this company is one of the top 5 calibration service providers in Mumbai.

Before opting for any service provider check the testimony or reviews from existing customers. And before assigning any service know the servicing charges, date of delivery, and other features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Quality control is critical for a company’s success in the manufacturing industry. Businesses  frequently employ a variety of equipment and instruments to maintain high levels of performance  and productivity. And calibration processes assure the maintenance of consistent performance and  results with each usage of the equipment. Calibration is an important aspect of an instrumentation  system since it ensures the traceability of the measurement system. 

Calibration is contrasting the performance of equipment to a reference standard device with a higher  level of verified or certified accuracy. The comparison helps in determining the performance  difference between the two. If there is a considerable disparity between the test equipment and the  reference standard, it indicates the requirement of calibration. This helps in improving the accuracy  and reliability of the tool or equipment in question. 

Manufacturers calibrate various equipment like humidity sensors, thermometers, pH meters, and  scales. A calibration process is especially vehement for organizations utilizing the Industrial Internet  of Things (IIoT).  

To put it simply, companies that employ equipment for inspecting components or verifying product  quality require calibration. A lack of calibration can lead to dangerous effects, including tarnishing  the image of the brand and losing the trust of consumers.  

Pressure Calibration 

Pressure calibration measures the pressure difference between equipment and a pressure  measurement standard equipment. This type of calibration may include establishing a standard  pressure in the measurement circuit and device under test (DUT) to the standard device. 

Temperature & Humidity Calibration 

The relative humidity of equipment is calibrated at the middle of the temperature range. The relative  humidity accuracy criteria of the product enable equipment operations at temperatures outside of  the defined temperature range. 

Electronic Calibration 

Electrical calibration entails using equipment with accuracy to assess the performance of important  features for other devices known as units under test or UUTs. 

Mechanical Calibration 

Mechanical calibration refers to measurements that may be made with relatively basic tools to  record changes in the dimensions of an object due to usage damage or breakdowns.  

Flow Calibration

The process of calibrating a flowmeter involves the measurement of the flow. A flowmeter can be  calibrated in a variety of methods, but the most common method includes comparing the flowmeter  to a higher-accuracy reference standard. 

Regular calibration gives manufacturers peace of mind that their instruments are exercising optimal  performance. It can also improve a manufacturer’s efficiency, especially if the company keeps  enhancing the device with the same calibration method. The measurement quality of any device  deteriorates over time. If the problem is not addressed through calibration, it may result in inferior  items reaching the market which can harm the perceptions of the customers towards the service  provider. 

Instruments calibrated on time by a qualified calibration service provider can help a business  succeed. Tools and equipment calibrated incorrectly or seldom may generate confusion, provide  false findings, and even jeopardize consumer safety. This is why considering a reputed and  experienced calibration service provider can go a long way toward achieving company goals and  objectives.