Who are Top Calibration Companies in Hyderabad of 2023?

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NABL Approved Calibration Companies in Hyderabad of 2023

We are going to tell you about the Top Five Instrument Calibration Companies In Hyderabad. These companies are best at what they do, have years of experience, provides good pricing and what not. The list goes as:-

1. Ridhi Calibration & Testing Services

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2. Budget Calibration Services
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3. Uncostly Calibration Service
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Ankit Mehra

List of Top Calibration Companies in Hyderabad

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1. NATTS Intrument Calibration in Services Hyderabad


NATTS is a partnership firm that was founded in 2015 by talented and experienced businessmen who wanted to provide world-class testing and NDT services to the Industry. NATTS has obtained accreditation from NABL (National Accreditation Board for Laboratories) and got all the industrial approvals from prestigious bodies like BHEL, NTPC, L&T, and so on. 

NATTS provide NDT(Non-Destructive Testing), materials testing and welding services for a different range of industries. 

We provide a gamut of services which include all type of NDT services, Inspection services, industrial services, Aerospace NDT services, and much more.


  1. Meter calibration
  2. Pressure transmitter calibration
  3. Pressure calibration equipment
  4. Micrometer calibration
  5. Torque wrench calibration service near me
  6. Weighing balance calibration
  7. Fluke process calibrator
  8. Hart calibrator

2. JCN Caltech Enterprises Calibration Company in Hyderabad


JCN Caltech Nterprises is a calibration laboratory accredited by NABL. JCN Caltech Nterprises offers world-class Onsite and In-house calibrations, equipment & area temperature, and RH mapping validations. We have specialized in calibration & validation of various equipment in different fields which includes Pharmaceuticals, drug factories, Rubber and Chemical industries, Food & Clinical, R&Ds, Quality Control labs, etc. 

Our organization has an extensive staff portfolio which exudes that our team consists of only the best person who has experience in various fields, knowledge of regulatory agencies, guidelines, and latest developments. 


  1. Pressure gauge calibration equipment
  2. Weighing scale calibration standard
  3. Instrument calibration services
  4. Pressure gauge calibration standard
  5. Laser level calibration
  6. Mettler toledo ph meter calibration
  7. Gas analyser calibration
  8. Loop calibrators
  9. Megger calibration
  10. Hydraulic Pressure Gauges installed on Hydraulic Equipment

3. Hyderabad Calibration Services


Hyderabad calibration services is a big name in the instrument calibration services in Hyderabad. We provide a variety of services whether Onsite or In lab calibration and validation. We cover a whole lot of parameters and serve almost every kind of industry or field. 

Our bouquet of services includes Calibration for Thermal (Temperature, humidity), for Mechanical(Pressure, Vaccum, Gauge), for Speed( Centrifuges), for Mass (Weights, weighing balances), for Volume ( Micro Pipettes, Glasswares), calibration of Temperature chambers (Ovens, Incubators, Deep freezers), Room mappings, and so on. 

We also supply all kinds of temperature measurements instruments, temperature sensors, transmitters, weights, etc. If you are looking for instrument calibration services in Pune or Instrument calibration services in Chennai.


  1. Calibration of ammeter
  2. Vernier caliper calibration
  3. Caliper calibration
  4. Fluke pressure gauge
  5. Pressure transducer calibration
  6. Spectrometer calibration
  7. Rotameter calibration
  8. Dead weight gauge
  9. Multimeter calibration near me
  10. Fluke 725 multifunction process calibrator

4. IDS Instruments Instrument Calibration Services in Hyderabad


Last, but not least, IDS Instruments is one of the Best Calibration Companies in Hyderabad. It provides high-end services at budget rates. This lab is Nabl certified and provides various services in the calibration market. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, go for this one.


  1. Glass Thermometer Calibration Services
  2. Pipette Calibration Services
  3. Pressure Transmitter Calibration Services
  4. Calibration Services For Mechanical Measuring Instruments
  5. Temperature Instruments Calibration
  6. laboratory calibration services
  7. machine calibration services
  8. meter calibration service
  9. oven calibration services
  10. Digital Pressure Indicator Calibration Services
  11. Analytical Calibration Services
  12. Digital Thermometer Calibration Services
  13. Thermal Instrument Calibration Services
  14. Vacuum Calibration Services
  15. Mechanical Instrument Calibration Services

5. CAL LABS Pvt. Ltd.


CAL LABS was launched in 1999 to provide world-class calibration services for testing and measuring instruments, leading to quality, dependable measurements and ultimately to a quality product. Our QMS is ISO 9001:2015 certified and currently trying to get NABL accreditation. 

We have established a wide variety of calibration facilities which is capable of fulfilling the needs of every section of the industry whether it is Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, and so on.


  1. Oven calibration services
  2. Pressure calibration services
  3. Survey equipment calibration services
  4. Tank calibration services
  5. Gas detector calibration service
  6. Hospital equipment calibration services
  7. Instruments calibration services
  8. Lab equipment calibration services
  9. Machine calibration services
  10. Meter calibration service
  11. Oven calibration services

6. Sri Calibration Services


Sri Calibration Services started its journey in 2000 as a Hyderabad based company that specializes in calibration and inspection services. Initially, we had a small number of headcounts but now we have huge hierarchies of employees. Today our company is capable of meeting almost every calibration need of the manufacturing sector. 

Our company provides calibration and validation for Electrotechnical, mechanical, mass, dimensional, volume, thermal and much more.

These are some of the top five instrument calibration services providers in Hyderabad. All of the above-mentioned companies are well equipped and well experienced in completing any instrument calibration need you might have.

One of the popular names in the laboratory services in Hyderabad is Sri Calibrations services. This is also a NABL certified lab hence making it trusted and one of the Best Calibration Companies in Hyderabad. If you are looking for good lab refining services then this should be the place to go.


  1. Electrical calibration services
  2. Equipment calibration services
  3. Tank calibration services
  4. Tool calibration services
  5. Water meter calibration services
  6. Weight scale calibration service
  7. Instruments calibration services
  8. Lab equipment calibration services
  9. Laboratory calibration services
  10. Load Testing
  11. Multimeter Calibration Services
  12. Weight Calibration Services
  13. Load Testing Services
  14. Calibration Weighing Scale
  15. Laboratory Instruments Calibration
  16. Feeler Gauge Calibration Services
  17. Lifting Machine Testing Services
  18. Temperature Controller Calibration Services
  19. Calibration Services For Electro Technical Instrument
  20. Sound Level Meter Calibration Services

7. Simco Calibration Laboratory in Hyderabad


Simco Calibration Laboratory is one of the Best Calibration Services Providers in Hyderabad. Their office is situated in East Marredpally, hence making it easier to transit as well. Their services range from calibrating basic instruments to larger industrial instruments as well. The Lab is NABL certified and provides quality service. 


  1. Megger Calibration Services 
  2. Weighing Machine Calibration Services 
  3. Instrument Calibration Services 
  4. Torque Wrench Calibration Services 
  5. Lifting Machine Testing Services 
  6. Temperature Controller Calibration Services 
  7. Digital Measuring Scale Wholesalers, And much more. 

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