Who are Top Calibration Companies in Gurgaon of 2023?

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NABL Approved Calibration Companies in Gurgaon of 2023

Find here top instrument calibration agencies near me in Gurgaon. Technological advances have taken over the everyday work of humans. We are reliant on machines and equipment for various technical, medical, and industrial purposes. Hence to meet people’s demand accurately, we need machines and equipment in proper working condition.

Here comes the role of calibration companies. These calibration centers are responsible for adjusting equipment or machines’ accuracy and efficiency with the other equipment or machine which is already in compliance with the industrial standards.

This article gives an overlook of the top 10 best instrument calibration companies in Gurgaon, nabl accredited calibration labs and non-nabl calibration labs.

1. Ridhi Calibration & Testing Services

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2. Budget Calibration Services
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3. Uncostly Calibration Service
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List of Top Calibration Companies in Gurgaon

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#1 Prism Calibration Centre


Established in 2004, it is one of the best calibration company in Gurgaon, especially for the calibration of hospital and lab instruments. Its services count Validation, Calibration, and instant Supply & Work Optimization. Customers praise these services for their flexibility and reliability. This company also offers nabl calibration services in Gurgaon.

It has highly trained, experienced, and qualified professionals who ensure to meet the organizational targets for the equipment. Validation services ensure the optimum and accurate performance of machines or instruments. If you are interested in Calibration services in Jaipur than visit here.


#2 Kesar Control Systems


Founded in 2010, and also nabl accredited lab. This company is widely famous for providing high-quality instrument calibration services in Gurgaon. It caters service to all kinds of instruments and machines used in various industries. Customer satisfaction is the utmost goal of the company. Its professionals use modern technologies and high-tech machinery to provide instrument calibration services in Gurgaon. All the validations and calibrations are maintained to meet national and international standards. Please see here for instrument calibration services in bengaluru. Also get nabl calibration services from this company.

It is also a renowned supplier, exporter, and manufacturer of various high-quality machines and instruments. These include Humidity Chamber, Seed Germinator, BOD Incubator, and many more.


# 3 National Centre for Quality Calibration


Established in 1998, it is one of the best instrument calibration services providers in Gurgaon and also NABL calibration lab. Its services include ISO 17025 Laboratory Documentation, NABL Calibration Services, Laboratory Equipment Calibration, Speed and Time Calibration, Thermal Instrument Calibration, Force Instruments Calibration, Dimension Instrument Calibration, Mass and Volume Calibration, Meter Calibration, and many more.

To ensure high-quality calibration services, it has a modern facility equipped with the latest calibration technologies and instruments. Its clients are always highly impressed with its high accuracy, execution, reliability, and flexibility. Look for instrument calibration services in Hyderabad.


# 4 A One Calibrator


Established in 2012, and also nabl certified lab. It is a famous supplier of Calibration Machines, Induction Furnace, Calibrating Instruments, and Validation Equipment. It offers the most reliable Process Instrument Calibration Service in Gurgaon Haryana. This service provides the calibration of process instruments for various industries. 

The highly qualified and experienced calibration lab professionals ensure the industry-set standards while calibrating the instruments. They use precise mechanisms and provide exact and engineered solutions. Customers admire its services because of its trouble-free management, timeliness, execution, and customer-focused approach. Please look for calibration services in chennai. You can also get nabl calibration services in Gurgaon.


# 5 Babari Enterprise


Incorporated in 2014, it is a leading instrument calibration service provider in Gurgaon and wholesale trader of various industrial and mechanical instruments and it is also NABL certified laboratory. It offers a high-quality instrument calibration service for measuring instruments. These services are popular among customers for their perfect execution and high reliability. The well-experienced professionals use high-end technology and top-quality tools for rendering these services. One can get these electrical calibration services, equipment calibration services, gas detector calibration service, hospital equipment calibration services, lab equipment calibration services, laboratory calibration services and many more calibration services at very affordable prices. If you want to hire instrument calibration services in Pune or instrument calibration services in ahmedabad than visit here.


#6 DVG Laboratories & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.


Enabled with an advanced laboratory setup, DVG Laboratories & Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as the saviour to diverse industries and related firms that immensely rely on the functioning of instruments for executing their operations. Possessing a nabl calibration services, the nabl calibration services offered by this lab are value for your money. 

How Can You Benefit?

  • Hire their technical expertise for the validation and environment audit solutions for your mechanical equipment.
  • They render the calibration of an array of electrical and thermal instruments like vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, hardness tester, torque wrench, tensile testing machine, and flow meter. Check here for instrument calibration services in mumbai and Calibration services in Kolkata.

#7 Hari Om Instru Labs


Backed by seasoned professionals and up-to-date technological methodologies, this laboratory has catered to the requirements of countless industries for nearly 2 decades. Highly specialized mechanical and electrical calibration procedures are conducted here. It renders instruments calibration services to the following:

  • Depth gauge, vacuum gauge, height gauge, feeler gauge, dial gauge of both plunger and lever type.
  • Gauges with coating thickness and dial thickness, plain plug gauge
  • Sound level meter, RPM NON, bore gauge.
  • Internal, depth, and external micrometers.

#8 Accutrace Laboratory


It is NABL lab in Gurgaon. This laboratory ensures consumer satisfaction through its intricacies in calibrating valuable measuring tools that you need to get fixed, in terms of accurate readings. Equipped with state-of-the-art  methodologies, it caters to the instruments calibration services requirements of :

  • Pressure gauge, pressure comparator, E2 class weight.
  • Humidity chamber, dry well, and other thermal measuring devices.
  • Angle gauge, slip gauge, profile projector, digital multimeter and several imported instruments.

#9 A-One Calibration


Approved by NABL, this laboratory provides tailor-made instruments calibration services to enhance the performance of the measuring equipment utilized by your business. Measuring instruments of every possible category are tended to, namely, volume, sound, thermal, density, force, pressure, humidity, mass, mechanical dimension, electro-technical measurement equipment. You can also check here for instrument calibration services in Delhi.


#10 National Centre for Quality Calibration


The laboratory has been providing on-site instruments calibration services and nabl calibration services as per clients’ instrument requirements, since its establishment in 1998. 

Hope, this insight will help you in choosing the best nabl calibration services and non-nabl calibration service provider in the business for long-lasting results.


These are the best instrument calibration companies in Gurgaon. People who want to do a business or want to calibrate their instruments or machines can try using any of these companies. These instrument calibration service are known for their offered products and services. 

A wrong reading shown by any of the measuring instruments at your factory or laboratory can put your business at stake, if not rectified at the right time. Inaccuracy in measurements if left unattended might end up as far as injuring the employees working with the instruments. Besides, the manufacturing quality of the product gets affected thereby, resulting in shortfalls for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Calibration service is the process of comparing the reading on one equipment or system with another that has been calibrated and referenced to a known set of parameters. Remember, the equipment should always be calibrated against a traceable reference device. 

Calibration has two main objectives: it checks the equipment’s accuracy and determines the traceability of the measurement. instrument Calibration also includes the repair of the equipment if it is not giving correct measurements. The calibration expert creates and submits a report highlighting the measurements taken with the device before and after the calibration. 

Calibration verifies the accuracy of measurements recorded using the instrument. With time the results and accuracy may drift, especially while using technologies or measuring parameters such as temperature and humidity. One needs to maintain the calibration of the instruments throughout its lifetime for reliable and accurate measurements. 

The objective of calibration is to minimize any discrepancies in measurement by ensuring the accuracy of the equipment. It quantifies and minimizes the uncertainties in the measurement process to an acceptable level.

Food Industry 

In catering or commercial kitchens, the implications of using a non-calibrated device for measuring temperature could result in –

  • Food safety issue
  • Breach of food safety guidelines and customers getting ill
  • Food safety officer notices of closure
  • Legal action

All the above points lead to damage in reputation for the business. The cost of a 2-point annual calibration pales in comparison to the cost of reputation, therefore, it is not worth ignoring calibration. 

Pharmaceutical Industry

Many medications are manufactured at a certain temperature and humidity tolerance to be effective and harmless. Even a pipette that measures the drops of liquid in a pharmaceutical manufacturing factory is calibrated.

Calibration enables people all over the world to take medications with assurances of effectiveness and safety. 

Transport Industry 

Billions of people rely upon automobiles, trains, planes for travel every day. Without the assurance provided by the calibration, it would be quite discomforting to look out the plane window and wonder if the bolts and nuts that hold it together are manufactured according to set standards. With proper calibration and measurement instruments, guidance systems, and processes, the aviation industry can guarantee a smooth and safe journey. 

Businesses should consider the cost of calibration as an investment and the potential results of an incorrect measurement as the cost of not investing. 

In most industries, the calibration is done annually. After getting the results of the calibration tests, you can adjust the frequency of calibrations, and/or upgrade to a more robust measuring instrument. 

A calibration certificate contains information about the equipment’s calibration. It provides valuable insights into the quality and measurement accuracy of the device. 

Here’s a basic structure of a calibration certificate – 

  • Title
  • Calibration service provider’s details
  • Customer details
  • Unique identification code for the calibration certificate
  • Details of the environmental conditions where the calibration took place 
  • Calibration results with respective sign conventions
  • Name, designation, and signature of the person in charge of calibration
  • A statement that specifies the test results
  • Evidence that the measurements are traceable

Calibration is quite important wherever measurements are crucial; it enables users and businesses to have confidence in the results that they monitor and control.