Who are Top Calibration Companies in Delhi of 2023?

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NABL Approved Calibration Companies in Delhi of 2023

Looking for Instrument Calibration Services In Delhi? Stop a moment to look around you! What do you notice? Every work around is either automated or digitalized now. Gadgets replace most of the manual jobs. Whether human or machine, if the quality is compromised, the company reputation will go for a toss and incur losses. The main reason for quality being compromised is due to poorly calibrated equipment.  

If you are not sure of the reliability of your instrument themselves? To help you select the best calibration companies in Delhi, we have shared the detail of the top 5 companies here. 

1. Ridhi Calibration & Testing Services

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Atul Mehran
2. Budget Calibration Services
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Sneha Mittal
3. Uncostly Calibration Service
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Nehra Swami

List of Top 9 Calibration Companies in Delhi

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9. Prima Calibration Services


It is also service provider that provides services related to calibration lab equipment, calibration measuring instruments, and vernier calibration. The company is located in Laxmi nagar, Delhi. There are several categories under which the company provides its services such as Humidity Controller Dealer, Water Level Indicator Manufacturer, Nabl Laboratories, Temperature Controller Dealer, Pid Controller Dealers etc. Check out instrument calibration services in Hyderabad and Calibration services in Ahmedabad at FinalPricing.com

Contact Details

Address: F-199, Mangal Bazar, Block F, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110092


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8. Precise Instrument Calibration Services in Ahmedabad


RCS Measurements is located in Gurgaon, Delhi is one of the top service providers that offers varied services and products to their customers. The company is well-known for providing one-stop services to its customers, both from local or other parts. There are several categories under which the company provides its services such as ‘Nabl Laboratories, Weighing machine calibration services, Digital Manometer Calibration services, Flow meter calibration services etc. 

Contact Details:

Address: House No 1800, Block -P, Wazirabad Gurgaon, Gurgaon – 122003, Near Mahadev Chowk


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7. NECL Instrument Calibration Services in Delhi


NECL stands for National Engineering and Calibration Laboratory is one of top leading service providers of calibration services. The company provides calibration services by following ISO: 17025:2005 standards.

Contact Details:

Address: B-1, Janak Puri, Near Janak Puri East Metro Station, New Delhi, Delhi 110058


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6. Omega International Calibration Services Pvt. Ltd. Delhi


Omega is an automation technology company which delivers services to numerous clients in managing process in Power & utility, Marine, Food industries, and Oil & gas. The company is one of the top 5 leading calibration providers including Omega Measuring and Calibration Laboratory. It is certified with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ISO 9001:2015.

Contact Details:

Address: 11 Patparganj Mayur Vihar Phase-1, near Ahlcon International School, New Delhi, Delhi 110091


There are several items for which the company provides Calibration such as:

  • Instruments for temperature measurement like Chiller, Oven, RTD simulator, Hygrometer, etc.
  • An instrument for flow measuring and pressure level such as pressure recorder, pressure switch, manometer, flow meter, etc. 
  • Instrument for testing and measurement such as clamp meter, dip tape, micrometre, insulation tester etc.
  • Instrument for gas monitoring such as gas analyser, gas monitor etc. and many more (Sanbook & Omega group, n.d). 

5. Spectro Analytical Labs Limited in Delhi


The company Spectro Analytical Labs Limited, located in Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, and credited by NABL. Its other accreditation includes ISO-9001:2008 for a quality management system, ISO-14001:2004, and OHSAS-18001:2007. The Calibration Laboratory in Spectro has advanced and well-equipped instruments, standards, techniques, and expertise that performs calibration to different extents. The major calibration fields include Electro-Thermal, Mechanical, Dimensional Metrology, and Thermal (Spectro, n.d.). The company provides a wide range of scope for safety dimension and electrical endurance of all electronic devices in industries like automobile and consumer electronics. Also, they have major clients such as Nestle, Apollo Hospitals, Britania, PepsiCo, etc. It is a top calibration company because its main proficiency is testing and also, they provide assured services with good quality. 

Contact Details:

Address: E-41, Okhla Phase II Rd, Pocket D, फेस II, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110020


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4. Kelvin Research Center Instrument Calibration


The last one is the renowned Kelvin Research Center, Noida, with a 4.7 public rating, this establishment is providing services since 2015 as per ISO/IEC 17025. They are committed to offer excellent calibration service that complies with national/international standards as per NABL 126. They offer both on-site and off-site calibration services in their purpose-built calibration laboratory. The calibration service includes all type of thermal, mechanical & electro technical instruments, as well the master instruments like deadweight tester, PRT, RTD, timer, weighing balances, etc.

A device should be calibrated periodically, as recommended by the manufacturer or once a mechanical or electrical malfunction is detected. Why risk the credibility of your company and incur losses? Calibrate your devices and improve product quality.

Contact Details:

Address: Gali Number 3, Chhalera, Block D, Sector 44, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201303


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3. Testncal Laboratory Instrument Calibration Services in Delhi


Testncal Laboratory, Dwarka an independent facility established in 2017 provides instrument calibration services for testing & measuring instruments with a public rating of 4.5. They have accredited as per ISO/IEC: 17025:2005 by NABL. The state-of-the-art calibration with documentation certificates has traceability to national/international standards. They offer calibration services for all medical instruments, thermal instruments, telecom instruments, electro-technical instruments, mechanical, density, pressure and force measurement instruments. The services are offered both on-site or in their modern laboratories.

Contact Details:

Address: Plot-113, Pocket A2, Pocket B, Sector 17 Dwarka, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi 110075


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2. AA Calibration Private Limited


Founded in the year 2005, AA Calibration Private Limited, Ghaziabad provides superior quality calibration testing services, with a public rating of 4.4. They have bagged the prestigious ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certifications. They are renowned for carrying out the calibration process of pressure gauges, temperature controllers, PID controllers, mechanical measuring devices and resistance meters. With a team of dedicated employees and state-of-art new-age machines, they hold excellent attribute of precision and accuracy. This is one the best instrument calibration service provider in Delhi.

Contact Details:

Address: 13-C/ Haat, Vasundhara, Sector 18, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201012


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1. Bharti Automation Pvt Ltd Delhi


With a 4.9 rating budget calibration services, is accredited for its facilities by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration (NABL) the quality council of India. They offer a huge range of calibration and testing services with an online directory that covers over 1400 plus labs across India. The services are offered in a vast number of fields like temperature, pressure, vacuum, time, mass, noise, airflow, and all special-purpose instruments. The offered services are reliable, comprehensive and multi-dimensional. See here for calibration services in Jaipur.

Contact Details:

Address: F-44, Samaspur Road Pandav Nagar, Mayur Vihar, Delhi-91, Delhi 110091


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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the frequently asked questions on instrument calibrations.

In different contexts, the word “calibration” may be used (and misused). In the world of measurement technology, we are discussing metrological calibration.

Calibration is the process of comparing the measurement device to be calibrated to a traceable reference device.

The reference standard may also be referred to as a “calibrator.” Logically, the reference will be more accurate than the device to be calibrated. Similarly, the reference device should also be calibrated traceably, more on that later.

In some quantities, the reference is not necessarily a device, but can also be, for example, mass, mechanical part, physical reference, or reference liquid or gas.

The importance of calibration lies in the fact that it ensures accurate measurements, and accurate measurements are the foundation of most products and services we use and rely on every day.

Few people realize how crucial and important calibration is to their daily lives.

Yet calibration improves the accuracy of measurements required in research, development, and innovation, as well as the production of millions of products and services worldwide. Right now, take a moment to look around your room. Most of what you see was produced within the tight measurement specifications that were guaranteed by calibration.

Calibration can increase profitability, safety, innovation, and compliance with environmental and other regulations.

  • Calibration increases profitability

Profitability can be increased either by increasing revenues or by cutting costs; calibration helps do both.

  • Revenue can be increased through calibration

The calibration process helps manufacturers and service providers produce quality products and services that get good customer reviews and encourage loyalty.

  • By calibrating, you can cut costs and save money

Calibration helps cut costs by reducing production errors and recalls.

Calibration of equipment can help save money by avoiding false acceptance and rejection of product and by extending the life of manufacturing equipment.

The term Calibration refers to the comparison of DUT i.e., device under test of unknown value and known value having reference standard. The main purpose of the calibration service is to measure the accurate output of the device and compare this output with the standards of manufacturers to know whether the device is efficiently and safely running. 

  • A lot depends on how important the measurements being made are to your product or service, the degree of wear and tear that the instrument will undergo in service, the stability of the instrument, and reviewing the calibration records to determine if any adjustments have been made previously. For most instruments, the OTC recommends a periodicity of 12 months with an increase in frequency (to 6 or 9 months) if adjustment is needed, and a reduction in periodicity to 2 years once an annual calibration sequence has proven that adjustment is not necessary.

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