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List of Yacht Rental Companies in Dubai


Nanje Yacht

Nanje Yacht is on the market for more than 3 years. We have perfect yachts for corporate events, fun fishing, birthday parties and romantic dinners, anniversary, dinners. It will be the wonderful experience to be on the Nanje Yachts. You will have the finest crew onboard at your disposal, water sports activities and a menu of choice. Offers a 5-star catering services and live BBQs. Customer services are just a phone call away and all your queries are solved by then. Also hire best yachts from FinalPricing.com.

Services provided –

  • Charter Yacht
  • Yacht rental Dubai for couples
  • Yacht rental Dubai with dinner
  • Dubai Canal Cruise
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Live BBQ Menu
  • Exclusive Cuisine
  • Yacht birthday party Dubai
  • Yacht rental for water sports
  • Party yacht rental Dubai
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Aquarius Yacht Rental

It is a luxury yacht rental in Dubai that has a huge variety of yachts and fishing boats. The company has a trained hospitable staff to give VIP treatment to its guests. The Benetti Superyacht that is 115 feet long is one of the superb yachts restyled with glamour to celebrate parties and go for a long-distance cruise.

Services provided –

  • Romantic Evening for Valentine’s Day
  • New year on Yacht 
  • Aquarius Yachts
  • Overnight Packages
  • Yacht for wedding and anniversary
  • Sunset Cruising
  • Fishing boat rental Dubai
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Easy Yacht

Easy Yacht is the best yacht rental company in Dubai that offers a range of yachts and related services depending on the budget and preference of the people. The company allows hosting wedding functions, birthday celebrations, other family parties on the yacht and even corporate events. Dhow cruise on Dubai Marina and Limo Rentals is also offered by Easy Yacht.

Services provided –

  • Birthday Parties
  • Weddings
  • Megayacht Dinner Cruise
  • Corporate Events
  • Small yacht rental Dubai
  • Dhow Cruise Marina
  • Private yacht charter Dubai
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AL WASL Yachts

Al Wasl Yachts was established in 2006, it is a yacht rental company in Dubai that has a maximum number of yachts for rent. The yachts range from 37 to 98 feet high that gives all the luxury feels to the people renting them. Al Wasl Yachts was started by Mr Ishrat Ali Khan that offers sports boats and cruiser yachts to get a trip in Dubai. Fishing tools and other snorkelling equipment are also provided with trained staff.

Services Provided –

  • Private boat hire Dubai
  • Fishing boat rental Dubai
  • Birthday party yacht Dubai


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Gold Crest Yacht

One of the leading charters company that provides the best services for yacht rental in Dubai. You can choose from Standard and Premium yachts. Standard yachts have a capacity of 12-30 people that is easily affordable provided with BBQ facilities, music and sunroof. The premium yachts are the best if you want to have a grand celebration with a capacity of 200-300 people.

Services Provided –

  • Private boat hire Dubai
  • Fishing boat rental Dubai
  • Birthday party yacht Dubai


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List of Yacht Rental Companies in Dubai Marina


Dubai Marina is the world’s biggest artificial marina and the most beautiful canal city in Dubai.

This luxurious area has sophisticated cafes, luxury yachts, and entertainment venues along a three-kilometer length of Dubai’s Persian Gulf coastline. Take in the views from the marina, sunbathe on the sandy stretches, or take a romantic stroll along the pathways with your loved ones.

Dubai is home to the premier water activities globally, including surfing, swimming, jet skiing, diving, and more. Traditional boats known as dhows may also rent around Dubai Creek for a unique experience. For a beautiful experience, eat at these boathouses in the moonlight.

The perfect way to see the golden metropolis from above is to hire a yacht in Dubai. Relax on board and take a view of gleaming skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, and global treasures while drinking your favorite beverage. Make your celebrations unforgettable and one-of-a-kind.

Hire best yachts from FinalPricing.com. FinalPricing is a platform where people can get final pricing for every service. Contact us for best rate.

The top 6 yacht rental providers in Dubai Marina to pick from for your ideal yachting trip.


Champion Yachts

Champion Yachts has provided the finest luxury boat packages for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, corporate parties, sunset dinner cruises, and Christmas and New Year celebrations in Dubai for over ten years. They also organize fishing trips and water sports activities. They will ensure you have the most remarkable and most memorable yachting experience in Dubai of your life if you rent a yacht from them.

Services provided –

  • Birthday Yacht Dubai Marina
  • Party Yacht in Dubai Marina
  • Sunset Cruise yacht Dubai Marina
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Gold’s Yacht

Gold’s Yacht is a yacht charter agency in Dubai that provides the top yacht rentals. They offer banana boat rides, Jetski, fly boarding, and donut rides if you enjoy adventure and water sports. In addition, you may go deep-sea fishing with expert help, which they will organize for you. That’s the place to go if you want to have a memorable experience.

Services provided

  • Yacht rental In Dubai Marina for couples
  • Yacht rental dubai Marina with dinner
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Book Yachts

With a wide range of yachts, Book Yachts is one of Dubai’s most premium and award-winning yacht rentals. They provide luxury boat packages that include a red carpet entrance and an exclusive attendant with a photographer on-demand. In addition, enjoy a luxury yacht tour with meals as part of a personalized package tailored to your budget.

Services provided-

  • Senset Cruise
  • Fishing Trip
  • Birthday Party
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Centaurus Charters for Yachts and Boat Rental

A leisure boat and luxury yacht rental service offered by Centaurus Charters is available at the Dubai Marina on a daily basis. See the spectacular and luxurious coastline of Dubai on a luxurious and exciting cruise. Several of our luxury yachts, including Etosha, Vassia, and Riverside, are available for business meetings, birthday parties, and wedding events. You can tour Dubai’s top sightseeing attractions, including Burj Al Arab, the Atlantis, and Jumeirah Beach Residence.

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Royal Blue Coast Yachts

Yacht charter company Royal Blue Coast Yachts Dubai is located in Dubai’s marina and is one of the leading yacht charter companies. During a Dubai marina yacht trip, you will travel through the stunning Dubai seas and see attractions that are all around you while enjoying the natural beauty of the scenery. There are a wide variety of tour packages available for travelers in Dubai marina, particularly nature tour packages, which is a popular choice of tour packages offered by Royal Blue Coast Yachts Dubai.

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Aquarius Yacht Rental

Dubai Marina-based Aquarius Yacht Rental is one of the best yacht rental companies around. Enjoy an iconic view of Dubai on a yacht with your family, friends or loved ones. At Aquarius Yachts, regardless of what your individual needs are, you will find yachts to fit your needs right in the heart of Dubai’s Marina. They guarantee you won’t miss out on anything. You can appreciate the breathtaking views of Burj Al-Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeriah hotel, the Sheikh’s estate and Moon Island.

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Address:  Al Tarres St – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Get A Free Quote: +971 52 377 3077

About: Each of the luxury boats comes equipped with numerous features including swim and sundecks even providing your group with a DJ if needed. Comprising of salon, lounge and dining room separated by a bar. It is capable of carrying up to 7 crew members onboard for relaxed unforgettable yacht experience


My Cruises for Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai

Address: Marina Walk Gate S near Waterbus Station 2 Pier – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Get A Free Quote: +971 56 118 1156

About: My cruises is a luxury yacht charter company in Dubai that was launched in 2011 that provides personalized rental packages to start your cruise. The Black Pearl Yacht by my cruises Luxury Yachts rental Dubai can be rented for AED 1800 per hour.


Luxury Yachts Rental

Address:  Fishermans Harbor Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Get A Free Quote: +971 55 936 7776

About: If you are looking for a yacht company that give you luxury yachts, then it is perfect to visit luxury Yacht Rental. The company also offers 5-star luxury yachts with cheap ones to its customers. We suggest you book their luxury 20 Yacht as its price have been reduced to AED 3,000 from AED 4,500.


Planning to go on a yacht trip in Dubai? With summer in full swing in Dubai, you can take part in many water activities to stay cool in the crazy heat. While you cruise along the creek, you can enjoy the cool breeze blowing against your face and admire the stunning scenery. Whether you are renting a private yacht or a cruise ship, you have several options for boating in Dubai. Find the best deals on yacht rentals by doing a quick search.

Al Wasl Yachts

A cruise with Al Wasl offers a memorable experience of cruising through Dubai with your loved ones. When you ride the waves out into the Arabian Gulf, you catch a glimpse of the skyline as well as the hum of the city. The view of Dubai from the sea is fascinating. If you enjoy sea fishing, you can use the complimentary onboard angling equipment for your next expedition. There are a variety of luxury yachts and fishing boats in the Al Wasl Yachts fleet.

Aquarius Yacht

A premium yacht rental company that offers yachts for every occasion no matter what your needs are. From weddings, engagements, events, parties, fun over the sea by sailing on the clear waters of Arabian Sea or even fishing, Aquarius is a boutique yet efficient that offers you first class choice of luxury yachts.  It offers an unrivalled choice of exclusive cruises that include the Dubai coastlines, Ghanloot, Abu Dhabi.

Gold’s Yacht

Providing yacht rental and charter, The Gold’s Yacht Company owns and operates a fleet of more than 250 yachts and boats. Combine your cruising experience with water sports in Dubai for an unforgettable experience. The Jet Ski cruise, the banana boat ride, fly boarding in Dubai are some of the most popular and desired rides in Dubai. Providing these water sports in Dubai with full accountability and professionalism is a speciality of Gold’s Yacht.


Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. It is not only the glamour that lures people to Dubai tourism but also the top notch infrastructure and other world class attractions.

Yacht Ride in Dubai speaks glamour and extravagance in volume. The highlights of Yachting include relaxing on the spacious deck of a luxurious yacht with astounding hospitality from the great servers and spending quality time giving all benefits of comfort and luxury.

Cheapest Yacht Rental Dubai

Address: marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Get A Free Quote: +971 50 849 9333

About: With the 5-star services provided, it is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The largest fleet of self owned yachts in the UAE and has the ability to offer redundancy yachts in case of malfunction. Safety on board is taken very seriously by the company because it is vital for the clients to feel comfortable and secure whilst travelling with them.

Gold Crest Yacht

Address: The Walk – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Get A Free Quote: +971 56 644 6004

About: One of the leading charters company that provides the best services for yacht rental in Dubai. You can choose from Standard and Premium yachts. Standard yachts have a capacity of 12-30 people that is easily affordable provided with BBQ facilities, music and sunroof. The premium yachts are the best if you want to have a grand celebration with a capacity of 200-300 people.

Book Yachts Dubai

Address: DAMAC The Waves 177, 17th Floor – Thowaab St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Get A Free Quote: +971 52 167 7400

About: With an expensive rental fleet composed of more than 20+ luxury yachts with sizes ranging between 4ft to 155ft, it ensures the best for its clients to have a great time on board. Whether it is a sunset cruise, a private romantic cruise or a deep sea fishing expedition, it never lacks giving premium yacht hire experience to the clients. It is capable of carrying up to 7 crew members onboard.


It depends on the duration you are taking it for. Apart from that, the rate also varies from one vessel to the other. ​

A yacht charter costs around 300 AED to 2000 AED depending on the vessel you take. The cost depends on the season. In a low season, it costs comparatively less than high seasons.

Dubai is a city that cannot be fully enjoyed unless you experience its majesty from the water. The Dubai Canal is more than 6m deep which is an absolute delight for the tourists.

Runabout boats are inexpensive. Renting these boats in Dubai will cost you 200-400 aed/hour.

Any kind of flat shoes is feasible when it comes to yachts. Avoid wearing shoes with heels for it can mark the deck.

Crews and sailors are well experienced and knowledgeable. If the weather is bad, they immediately change their route to avoid the difficult areas of the sea. They can also take the shortest route to go back.

Depends on how much you are willing to tip them. Anything between 5 to 20 per cent tipping rate on top of the base amount is great.

If you want to sail a yacht, you need to have a Yachtmaster ocean license or any other document that is equivalent to the license.

A 55FT yacht can carry around 15 people. Whereas, a 70FT yacht can easily carry 22-23 people at one go.

Renting premium yachts can cost you around 500-2100 aed/hour. Standard yachts are relatively less costly in Dubai. Renting standard yachts can cost you around 300-1000 aed/hour.

Most of the luxurious yachts have home theatre systems. You can also bring your own DVD or CD. Yachts that are exclusively made for parties and other events generally have DJ facilities with world-class speakers on the cruises. TVs are also available in luxurious yachts in Dubai.

Most yacht services provide fishing yacht services that you can book for 4 hours to 6 hours depending on your needs.

You can bring your own refreshments on the cruise. Most yacht services do not provide or sell alcohol on their cruises.

Yes. The top boat rental services in Dubai take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.


Here is a description about Yacht party cost in Dubai. There are many ways to party but cruising on a private yacht is definitely on your bucket list right?! Having your close family, friends or beloved ones spending a day with you on a private yacht is irreplaceable and irresistible as well!


Breaking all the misconceptions around the world let me tell you that CRUISING A YACHT and PARTYING A DAY ON IT is not at all a costly affair! Floating on the blue seas, surrounded by scenic visuals, having your close ones at the most beautiful and entrapping proximity possible sharing food, fun and fine music is very much affordable!

You will be the captain of your cruise! From friends on board to food, from halt to hustling across tunes – You will be the one calling the shots! On everything! If you want to spend time king size then move the “partying on yacht” in your bucket list to the top! And plan it right away without worry! Yacht prices are very affordable!


Depending upon the features and description the yacht prices may vary, obviously. From basic to top class – standard to premium & autograph yachts varied features are available at your service as the price you are ready to pay! Depending upon your need of space, rooms, kitchen and other facilities prices of different yachts are as follows:


They mostly come with MONOHULL which are most suitable for first-timers. With less than 6-8 years in service, accommodating around 10 people at a time they are a simple and sure way to have a best memorable day. Briefly,

They are: 

Around 30feet;

Can Accommodate 10 people;

450 AED – 600AED per hour + escalating charges for additional services like theme organizers, dedicated host/chef etc…,


Depending upon the rental provider, PREMIUM YACHTS are available with MONOHULL or CATAMARAN as well. Depending upon the individual tastes either one is chosen. But compared to standard yachts, premium ones offer more space for possible sunbathing, comfort, more cabins, loaded kitchen etc…, some premium yachts also offer air conditioning. Don’t forget to look up the price and respective specifications before choosing! Briefly Premium yachts are:

Around 44 to 88 feet;

Can accommodate more than 10 up to 40 people;

700 AED to 2000AED per hour based on the specifications and space you choose.


If you are looking for a luxurious ride you can choose yachts beyond premium like PREMIUM PLUS; AUTOGRAPH etc…, naming and specifications change with the providers. But one thing is the space they offer, the luxurious experience they provide are worth your time and money for sure! 

VIPs choose them where they can throw a private party or can spend with close members depending upon their requirement they can accommodate as many as they want up to 80 people as well. Enclosed air conditioned cabin, with 3-4 separate rooms, loaded kitchen etc…, are some of the other specifications. Usually they come in catamarans offering safety, speed and extra privacy coupled with complete comfort!

Around 80 people can be accommodated;

Can range from 55ft to 120ft;

900AED to 5000AED per hour


These are the average price ranges which may differ with the rentals you choose from. But they are very clear at offering you an understanding of how you can plan your next yacht party and what you need to be prepared for. 

You can choose to make a split among your folks or you can surprise your beloved one with a private, comfortable outing on the sea. You name the occasion, you count the people, a perfect yacht is always available for you in DUBAI across these accessible price ranges to choose and plan from!

Don’t wait any further. Measure your needs, compare the prices, plan perfectly and have your memorable DUBAI YACHT PARTY very soon! We believe that you deserve the best of experiences on any given Day!

Happy Cruising… Happy Partying…


Here is a brief description about Yacht rental Dubai Marina price. Dubai is a well known tourism spot for a myriad of reasons, including its excellent hospitality, scenic views, bespoke skyscrapers and even cruising the coastline. Which brings us onto the much coveted yacht rental, where anyone can hire a yacht and explore the breathtaking landscape. Let us review the yacht rental Dubai marina price for your needs:

Yacht type/modelRate per hour / day (AED)Size (length in m) / no. of cabinsSeating capacity (no. of persons)
Babylon8,000 / 80,00038 / 530
DXB10,000 / –35 / 550
Black Diamond2,600 / –31 / 530
Notorious4,000 / 40,00027 / 4 20

Evidently, yacht rental Dubai marina price is affected by factors including the make of yacht, capacity and size. Furthermore, hiring options vary as some operate solely on an hourly basis, whilst others also include a subsidised daily plan. These should all be carefully considered prior to renting out a yacht to maximise your expenses and have a fulfilling experience. Harness the potential of a great ambience and benefit from all included live BBQ food, refreshments, drinks and associated catering. Moreover, technical aspects such as engine displacement and top speed also contribute to the price. Typically, cruising speeds range from 5 to 15 knots, averaging around 10 knots. This, along with the age of the vessel (ranging from early millennium to mid 2010s) also impacts the yacht rental Dubai marina price.

Hiring for the entire day when you feel that you will be spending longer or only selecting the required size can both help to minimise costs. If you are planning to only have a relatively small gathering, it may be worth considering downsizing after all.

All yachts are equipped with AV entertainment facilities to watch movies or sports events and most also have minibars for those who are interested in alcoholic beverages. Air conditioning comes as standard, as does WiFi connectivity and ambient lighting for late night cruises. So whether it is for a party, festive occasion, birthday, wedding or otherwise, be amazed at what memorable experiences you can cherish from these chartered yacht cruises. Go for a swim or even jetski your way to paradise!


Check out what affects the yacht rental Dubai price. You are finally planning that bucket-list dream holiday that you’ve been planning for months; the dream to charter a yacht in Dubai. It’s sure to be a memorable trip, then you’ll want to form sure it’s planned well and you create the foremost of it. After all, it’s not a day that you simply get to sail across the ocean together with your family and shut friends. So, are you able to get planning on this trip? Well then, read on to know the essential factors one should know before renting a yacht. Below things affects the yacht rental Dubai price.


There are several yachts available to rent at different times. Do a radical research and have your budget mapped out so you’re ready to choose a yacht that’s best suited to your requirements and budget. Understand the amenities provided and if there are any additional yacht rental Dubai price. during this way you’ll be ready to charter a yacht that’s suitable to your finances.


The team of a luxury yacht are usually professional and well experienced. they need the knowledge and expertise in ensuring guests a hospitable treatment.

However, you’ll always ask the captain and request to satisfy the team to possess a far better understanding of their behaviour.


On-board amenities also effects yacht rental Dubai price. These will usually depend upon the yacht you decide on . Speak to the yacht rental company and allow them to realize your requirements in order that they are ready to provide you with a yacht that has the amenities you’d require. Alternatively, you’ll check these details on their website.


Yacht type also effects yacht rental Dubai price. Every yacht can accommodate only a selected number of individuals . The last item you’d want is to pay extra for a much bigger yacht or renting a yacht that’s unable to comfortably accommodate all of your guests. As such, when trying to find a yacht, you want to inform them earlier about the amount of guests. It allows them to supply you with options that have a capacity of the specified amount.


Just as you’d pack for any journey, there are a couple of essentials that you simply will got to bring along. These include the fundamentals like sunscreens, jackets, towels and bathing suits amongst others. Lucky for you, yachts have adequate amount of space to stay your extra items. However, try not going over-board and ask your yacht rental company beforehand, so you avoid bringing extra baggage. you’ll also get some board-games along to make sure you and your crew have a fun time together. This is the yacht rental Dubai price list:

Yachts rentGuestRental yachts in Dubai
44 ft9 to 12 people AED 500 to 550 per hour
55 ft 20 to 23 people AED 600 TO 650 per hour
62 ft 22 to 25 peopleAED 920 to 990 per hour
77 ft 38 t0 40 people AED 1350 to 1400 per hour


Whether you’re spending the evening out at the ocean or planned an extended vacation, nothing beats renting a yacht together with your loved ones. Just imaging sailing across the ocean against the gorgeous skyline and spending quality time with those closest to you